Drug Abuse and Treatment

Drug abuse rages rampant in our world today! Drug addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior. The brain’s structure and function are altered due to drug abuse and can result in changes that persist even after ceasing its use. This is one possible explanation of why drug abusers are at risk for relapse despite the potentially devastating consequences.

Principles Of Drug Abuse Treatment

The treatment of drug misuse is based on certain effective principles:

– Addiction is a complex but treatable disease
– Single treatment can not be give to everyone
– Drug misuse treatment should be readily available
– Effective treatment covers the multiple needs of the individual
– Taking the treatment and staying the course for the entire duration
– Individual and group counseling
– An important element in treatment is right medications
– Continuous monitoring and assessment of the individuals treatment is vital for progress
– Awareness that many drug-addicts also have mental disorders
– Medically assisted detox is only the first step to treating the addiction
– Voluntary drug treatment is effective but not necessary
– Constant monitoring to avoid drug use lapses during treatment
– Treatment programs should assess patients for infectious diseases

What to look for when choosing a Drug problem Treatment Program

There are many drug treatment programs available so how to find that you have chosen the best one?

– 24 hour in-patient care
– A staff of experienced physicians and trained therapists
– Qualified nursing staff
– Numerous additional support personnel

The drug abuse treatment should provide each patient with an individualized treatment plan encompassing detoxification, rehab and additional support through a variety of specialized aftercare programs. The patients who require specialized treatment for gay-friendly rehab, sexual abuse treatment, dual diagnosis treatment and other special services should be available for them.

Drug Misuse Recovery – One Day at a Time

Recovery of drug problem is an on going process you cannot get “cured”. It is very important that you understand that the abuse didn’t occur in one day, and neither will the recovery this is a monumental step to accepting drug treatment.

Drug abuse treatment has many steps beginning with detox and moving on to the addiction treatment program, on-going support and relapse prevention. During the drug abuse recovery process, an individual will discover new life skills and learn how to deal with cravings, thoughts, and the urge to start the addictive behavior all over again.

Additional Recovery Tools

For those seeking treatment there are many number of effective drug abuse recovery tools available. For instance some programs may incorporate meditation techniques, holistic approaches and exercise programs like yoga to help the drug abuse patient to relax and remain focused on recovery issues. Some programs use art therapy or music therapy to allow individuals to communicate through their creative expressions.

Prevention Of Drug Abuse

If drug abuse prevention techniques are not mentioned, which are an important part of any addiction recovery program, then this missive remains incomplete. By learning the triggers that influence abusive behavior, you can learn to avoid the allure and continue on a road to long-lasting recovery.

Primary Causes of Drug Abuse – Gaining Tips For Prevention and Information

There are a lot of theories that discuss genetics in terms of drug abuse. I find genetics can be tricky as we often use our parents as models psychologically which is not the same as inheriting a genetic pattern or tendency.

If our parents were abusive towards us or had a lot of emotional problems, we may have found ways to drown out the pain as children. This could involve imaginary friends, absorption in science fiction or video games and excessive sleeping. As people get older, alcoholism and drug temptation appear as ways to block out painful feelings.

As a therapist I see many from dysfunctional families deal with pain through some form of excessive behavior. This can be a cause of drug abuse, but also it may manifest as an eating disorder, promiscuity, constant job changing or thrill seeking.

Personally I think nothing actually can “cause” us to do something . If we’ve been fortunate to have some good role models or mentors in our lives from neighbors, relatives or teachers then a challenging situation may be met with a certain degree of will power and stamina. This is why education, positive influences and inspiring books can be helpful in changing our lives. On the other hand, when we’ve been around people and family with poor coping mechanisms who use anger, alcohol and drugs, blame and avoidance to face adversity, we aren’t shown ways to transform tough situations into personal growth.

It is liberating to know we don’t have to repeat patterns we’ve observed in family or ourselves, but that we can step out of our history. Even if you don’t have a personal mentor, finding an inspirational book can put you in a new direction. Sometimes it only takes one sentence to make a significant change where we take a different fork in the road. Never feel it’s too late to transform your life.